Titans Cheer & Gymnastics Staff

TCG Staff Photos Jimmy

Jimmy Markowski


  • Co-Owner of Chaos Enterprises
  • Co-Owner of Markowski Investments
  • 15 Years of Social media marketing and content creation
  • Social media influencer with 4 million total followers on all platforms.

Ashley Markowski


  • Bachelors of Business & Administration in Accounting
  • Co-Owner of Chaos Enterprises
  • Co-Owner of Markowski Investments


Staff HS-2

Brantley Clark

All-Star Cheer & Tumble Director

  • 10 Years Experience As A Coach
  • Competed at both NCA All-Star Nationals and NCA College Nationals
  • Coached multiple US Finals Champions
  • Coached multiple top 5 NCA finishes
  • Coached one second place NCA finish
  • Coached first team in Arkansas to win a Paid Summit Bid of any type.
  • Coached the first team in Arkansas to have won both D1 & D2 At-Large Summit Bids.
Staff HS-8

Katy Clark

Coordinator & Staff Manager

  • Involved in All-Star Cheer for 15 years
  • 3x NCA National Champion
  • 6 years experience coaching
  • Coached multiple US Finals Champion Team
  • Coached multiple Summit teams
Staff HS-4

Kali Markowski

Pre-K Director & Office Manager


  • Studying graphic design at National Park College
  • Planning on attending Henderson State Universty next year to pursue bachelors degree
  • Loves working with children
  • "Kali was always a positive energy when she was a student of ours.  She works well with children of all ages, is a source of positive energy, and is a a great example for our athletes" - Director Staff
Staff HS-2-2

Drew Pate

Gymnastics & Marketing Director 


  • Coached 5 World's Bid Winning Teams
  • Coached one second place NCA Finish
  • Coached Multiple USA Gymnastics T&T State and National Champions (Including the state's first elite T&T athlete)
  • Coached first team in Central Arkansas to win a summit bid
  • Coached the first team in Arkansas to win a Paid Summit bid of any kind
  • Coached the first teams in Arkansas to win at-large D1 summit bids
  • Coached the first team in Arkansas to have won both D1 & D2 summit bids
Staff HS-9

Maria Terrazas

Coach & Social Media Manager

I love working at Titans because of the family atmosphere.  We are all hard-working and dedicated to building something extremely special.   The best part is getting to see these kids grow both inside and outside of the gym.

Staff HS-3

Kameron Douglas


My favorite part about my job here at Titans is seeing kids gain confidence in themselves, and learning to be great supporters to their teammates.  It's my goal every day when I come into work to make sure that every child feels welcomed and loved.

Staff HS-1-3

Erin Brasel


I enjoy working at Titans because it is a great environment and the staff truly cares about the athletes.  Being able to coach these kids is so rewarding because even though you may see them fall, you get to teach them to get back up and keep going.   These valuable lessons go beyond the skills inside the gym, and carry into their life.

Staff HS-7

Meaghan Overstreet

Jr. Coach

One of my favorite parts of being a coach at Titans seeing the bond that children create with their coaches and each other.  However, nothing can compare to watching a child's excitement when they conquer a new skill!

Staff HS-1-2

Kaitlyn Galloway

Jr. Coach

I love working at Titans not just because of the fun & energetic environment, but also because of the joy I get to see on children's faces as they overcome obstacles, persevere, and finally get that new skill.

Staff HS-5

Alley Mcbride

Jr. Coach

My favorite part of working at Titans is all the relationships formed with the young athletes I get to work with.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing how excited they are to come into class each and every week!